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      KATEGORI : Centrifuge
Ohaus Frontierô 5706 Multi Centrifuge Ohaus Frontierô 5706 Multi Centrifuge

Model FC5706
Speed Range 200 rpm – 6000 rpm; 50 rpm/increments
Maximum RCF 4427 x g; 10 × g/set
Maximum Capacity (Rotor) 6 x 50 mL
Cooling Air Cooled
Running Time 10 sec to 99 hr 99 min 99 sec or Continuous
Noise Level (Depending on the Rotor) ≤ 60 +2 dB(A)
AC Power 230 V/50 – 60 Hz 120 V/50 – 60 Hz
Voltage Fluctuation ± 10% ± 10%
Current Consumption 0.55 A 1.1 A
Power Consumption 100 W 100 W
Dimensions (W × D × H) 291 × 392 × 266 mm
Net Weight (Without Rotor) 10.5 kg
Shipping Dimensions (W × D × H) 400 × 545 × 410 mm
Shipping Weight (Without Rotor) 15 kg

Angle Rotor, 12 × 15 mL

7mL Tube Adapter

5ml Tube Adapter

1.5 mL/2.0 mL Tube

Last update : 29/08/2015
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Ohaus Frontierô 5306 Mini Centrifuge Ohaus Frontierô 5306 Mini Centrifuge

Rotating Speed Scope 6000 rpm
Centrifugal Force 2000 g
Rotating Direction Counterclockwise

Maximum Capacity 8 × 1.5 ml /2 ml

Adapter 0.2 ml / 0.5ml

Accelerating Time ≤2 s
Decelerating Time ≤3 s
Drive Mode and Motor Direct drive, with low noise attributable to rolling bearing
Power Supply Input: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 1.5A
Output: 24V 2.0A
Dimensions (W × D × H) 5.9 × 6.6 × 5.0 in. / 150 × 168 × 128 mm
Net Weight 2.3 lb / 1.1 Kg (including free-load angle rotor)
Shipping Dimensions (W × D × H) 8.5 × 12.0 × 7.6 in. / 216 × 305 × 194 mm
Shipping Weight 4.1 lb / 1.9 Kg


Last update : 29/08/2015
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Ohaus Frontierô5515 & 5515R High-speed Microliter Centrifuges Ohaus Frontierô5515 & 5515R High-speed Microliter Centrifuges

High-Performance Driven by Sophisticated Technology
• Powerful induction motor reaches speeds up to 15,200 RPM in less than 16 seconds
• Maximum g-force of 21,953 RCF
• 10 acceleration/deceleration settings
• 99 memory sets for commonly-used speed, time, and temperature settings (R Model Only)
• R model has refrigeration capabilities from 40°C to -20°C
— Cools down from 23°C to 4°C in less than 10 minutes
— Pre-cool feature quickly lowers the temperature of rotor and chamber before a run

Flexibility for Varied Centrifugation Needs
• Maximum capacity of 44 × 1.5/2 mL and 12 × 5 mL tubes
• Only centrifuge in its class compatible with 6 rotors (7
rotors on 5515 model), including a PCR strip tube rotor
• The most economical centrifuge on the market to include
a unique 5 mL tube rotor
• The signature snap-on rotor and lid locking system allows for
quick installation of rotors with just one press of a button

Last update : 29/08/2015
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Small Centrifuges EBA 280 - Hettich Small Centrifuges EBA 280 - Hettich

MAX. RCF • 4,146 (EBA 280)

MAX. CAPACITY  6 x 50 ml

The EBA 280 and EBA 280 S offer exceptional user comfort
for small centrifuges and a choice between six rotors. Thanks
to a newly-developed rapid changeover system it is possible
to quickly switch from one rotor to another, without the need
to use any tools and with just one hand. The rotor locks
automatically in place and sits securely without the need
for screws or tightening.
With the 1146 swing-out rotor the EBA 280 achieves an RCF
of 3,112 with up to six 15-ml tubes. The higher-performance
EBA 280 S can achieve a maximum RCF of 5,071 with the
same tubes. This corresponds to 6,000 RPM. With run-up
and run-down times of 11 resp. 13 seconds, emergency
samples can be processed within a few minutes.
Both models are suitable for use in medical diagnostics,
environmental analysis and research labs, for example for
the sedimentation of cells and yeasts or to clarify water
and soil samples.

Last update : 20/03/2012
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Tabletop Centrifuge EBA 200 - Hettich Tabletop Centrifuge EBA 200 - Hettich


MAX RPM/RCF 8,000/6,153

DIMENSIONS - 380  9.0” x 10.3” 13.9”

Compact clinical tabletop centrifuge
High-performance, built-in, 8-place rotor with compact
frame and all-metal containment for added safety.
Ideal for blood, urine and pediatric tubes.
STAT, PPP & Coagulation
Obtain consistent platelet counts less than 10,000
platelets/μL in 3 minutes or less (model EBA 200S)
Run-Silent™ Operation
Excessive noise in the laboratory can lead to distractions,
stress, anxiety, high blood pressure and chronic fatigue.
Our centrifuges are as quiet as a normal conversation
and will not increase the noise levels within your lab.
Our Easy-Lift Lid, featuring stay-in-place positioning and
lid drop protection, is ergonomically designed to limit
repetitive stress injuries, spillage and accidental sample
disruption when loading and unloading your centrifuge.
Our Safety-Lock Lids are self-closing, auto-locking and come
with either single and dual steel lid locks. This ensures a safe,
tight closure of the centrifuge chamber during operation. The
centrifuge will not operate if lid is not secure. For added safety,
our centrifuges feature all-metal containment and adhere to all
national and international safety standards and certifications.

Last update : 20/03/2012
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Handheld/ Manual Centrifuge with rotor 1014 - Hettich Handheld/ Manual Centrifuge with rotor 1014 - Hettich


With rotor 1014 conical 15 ml tubes
(Cat. No. 0515, non-graduated
or No. 0516, graduated) can be
accelerated to 1,300 RCF.

Last update : 20/03/2012
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Benchtop Centrifuges UNIVERSAL 320/320 R - Hettich Benchtop Centrifuges UNIVERSAL 320/320 R - Hettich

‚óŹ High RCF
· 85 ml tubes up to 9,509
· 15 ml tubes up to 16,582
· Microlitre tubes up to 21,382
‚óŹ Extremely short run-up and run-down times

l Metal housing
l Metal lid
l Stainless steel centrifuging chamber
l Viewing port in the lid

‚óŹ Powered lid-locking
‚óŹ Quick-entry foil keypad
‚óŹ Easily exchangeable rotors
‚óŹ 10 programmable memories
‚óŹ Infinitely variable setting from – 20 °C to + 40 °C
l Fast cool function

l Lid locking and holding during rotor run
‚óŹ Emergency lid-lock release
‚óŹ Motor-overheating protection
‚óŹ Chamber-overheating protection
(with the UNIVERSAL 320 R)
‚óŹ Imbalance switch-off
l Automatic rotor recognition
l Lid dropping protection

As options, the UNIVERSAL 320 R
is also available
l with connection to an external
refrigerated/heating circulator
(provided by the customer) –
Cat. No. 1406-50 (without internal
cooling unit). Depending on circulator
performance, the centrifuge can heat
or cool within a range of 0 °C to 90 °C,
l with connection for flushing with
nitrogen – Cat. No. 1406-20
(without monitoring and controlling


Last update : 20/03/2012
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Microlitre Centrifuges MIKRO 200/200 R - Hettich Microlitre Centrifuges MIKRO 200/200 R - Hettich

The MIKRO 200 and 200 R rank
among the fastest centrifuges in their
class – with a maximum speed of
15,000 rpm and an RCF of 21,382.
Not only are they fast, the
MIKRO 200 R also refrigerates

‚óŹ Powered lid locking
‚óŹ Quick-entry foil keypad
· Easy-to-read, digital display
· Display of current parameter values
· Select key for parameter selection
· Impulse key for short centrifuging
· Open lid key
· RCF key
‚óŹ Twist knob to enter values
· RPM in increments of 10
· Running time in minutes, max. 99 min
· Temperature in increments of 1°C (Mikro 200R)
‚óŹ 4 programmable memories
‚óŹ Infinitely variable setting from –10 °C to +40 °C
‚óŹ Fast Cool function
‚óŹ Stand-by mode maintains the set temperature
‚óŹ Automatic refrigeration switch-off
when the lid is opened

‚óŹ Lid dropping protection
‚óŹ Lid locking and holding
‚óŹ Emergency lid lock release
‚óŹ Motor overheating protection
‚óŹ Chamber overheating protection
‚óŹ Imbalance switch-off
‚óŹ Standstill indication
· with the refrigerated model MIKRO 200R
the LED in the Open key lights up
· with the MIKRO 200 the lid opens automatically
after the rotor has come to a standstill


Last update : 20/03/2012
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Centrifuge HAEMATOKRIT 210 Centrifuge HAEMATOKRIT 210

Max. capacity:
in a hematocrit rotor: 24 standard capillaries

Max. speed (RPM): 13.000 min-1

Max. RCF: 16.060

Dimensions (H x W x D):
247 x 275 x 330 mm

Weight: approx. 10 kg

Refrigeration: Air cooling

Hematocrit rotor for 24 standard capillaries, max. RCF 16,060 – Cat. No. 2076

Disc rotor for 20 capillaries for buffy coat analysis, max. RCF 16,060 – Cat. No. 2056

Last update : 20/03/2012
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Centrifuge ROTOFIX 32 A - Hettich Centrifuge ROTOFIX 32 A - Hettich

Max. capacity:
in a swing-out rotor: 4 x 100 ml
in an angle rotor: 6 x 85 ml

Max. speed (RPM): 6.000 min-1

Max. RCF: 4.226

Dimensions (H x W x D):
257 x 366 x 430 mm

Weight: approx. 23 kg

Refrigeration: Air cooling

Frequently used rotors:
Swing-out rotor for 4 x 100 ml (90°), max. RCF 2,630 – Cat. No. 1324

Swing-out rotor for 8 x 50 ml (45°), max. RCF 2,469 – Cat. No. 1617

Angle rotor for 6 x 85 ml, max. RCF 4,226 – Cat. No. 1620A

Last update : 20/03/2012
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