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      KATEGORI : Petri Dish Turntable
Petri Dish Turntable Sensorturn / Sensorturn pro Petri Dish Turntable Sensorturn / Sensorturn pro

Turntable for inoculation of Petri dishes with touch free
IR sensor technology.

Switch on and off with movements of the hand or foot pedal.
Due complete stainless steel construction is the sensorturn
UV-resistant and flame-sterilizable.

Stainless steel construction

Variable rotational speed control

Short time operation 1 - 125 seconds

Turntable with silicone covering & centring ring (autoclavable)

Switch on and off with movements of the hand or foot pedal

UV-resistant and flame-sterilizable

Minimum space requirement

2-year warranty

Last update : 06/06/2014
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