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      KATEGORI : Viscometer
Viscometer LVT, RVT, HAT, HBT Viscometer LVT, RVT, HAT, HBT

Viscometer new dial reading, with electronic motor drive and universal power supply, rugged, mechanical simple measurement instrument. Calibrated sping is unaffected by long use or extreme environmental conditions retaining its calibration indefinitely. Reading from viscometer dial can be directly converted into centipoise unit (CPS). Accurate reproducible within 1% of the range in use can be made in less than 30 seconds.

With types as following :
1. Model LVT. Analog. 8 speeds. 4 spindle. range : 15 - 2.000.000 cps
2. Model RVT. Analog. 10 speeds. 6 spindle. range : 100 - 8.000.000 cps
3. Model HAT. Analog. 10 speeds. 6 spindle. range : 200 - 16.000.000 cps
4. Model HBT. Analog. 10 speeds, 6 spindle. range : 800 - 64.000.000 cps

Last update : 17/04/2012
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RION Viscotester VT-06 Uni-Cylinder Rotational Viscotester RION Viscotester VT-06 Uni-Cylinder Rotational Viscotester

The VT-06 is designed for quality control applications in the manufacturing process of
industrial products such as petrochemicals, paint, and adhesives, as well as foodstuffs.
Viscosity measurements covering a wide range are possible, such as gear oil used in
construction machinery. Measurement is performed by simply submerging a rotor in the
fluid. The resistance to rotor movement caused by the viscosity (torque) is measured to
obtain direct readings.
􀋔 Compact and light weight make the unit easily portable and
allow operation with one hand
􀋔 Can be powered by alkaline batteries, nickel-hydride rechargeable batteries,
or AC adapter
􀋔 Direct indication of viscosity in millipascal-seconds or decipascal-seconds (SI units)
􀋔 Dedicated stand for measurement available as option

Last update : 04/06/2014
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