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      KATEGORI : Colony Counter
Colony Counter ColonyStar 8500 Colony Counter ColonyStar 8500

Counter : LCD Displays ( 0.....99999/ 5 digits) with reset switch and acoustic signal ( which can be swithed off)
Plug for automatic electric pen
Connection : 230V/ 50 Hz....6 Hz/ 39V
size : LxWxH : 250x230x95 mm
Weight : 1, 5 kg
Includes :
- Magnifier with shelter ( magnification : 2x)
- Automatic electric pen
- Fiber refill
- Clear Glass plate with dark field

Last update : 18/02/2012
HUBUNGI : funke gerber, hitung koloni, bactery coloni, colony counter 8500, colonyStar 8500
Colony Counter Galaxy 230 Colony Counter Galaxy 230

Readout: 4 digit (0~9999) bright red 0.6" LED display
Magnification: 2~3X
Petri-dish size: 60~150mm diameter
Zero reset: Yes
Count back: Yes
Illumination: Glare-free ring-shaped lamp
Pressure sensitivity: Adjustable
Output: RS232
Dimension: W313mm x H360mm x D346mm
Net Weight: 5.2kg
Gross Weight: 6.4kg

Last update : 18/02/2012
Fisherbrand™ Counter-Pen Fisherbrand™ Counter-Pen

Combination marker/digital counter suits both laboratory and plant use

Pen, counter; Fisherbrand; Combination marker/digital counter; Touch, sound, and count occur simultaneously; Counter reads to 99,999; Fail-safe reset

Each time a mark is made with the felt-tipped pen, the counter beeps and its easy-to-read LCD displays the count. Can be used to count cell growth on Petri dishes, inventory parts, or tally samples received.

  • Marks hold your place while counter tracks your total
  • Touch, sound, and count occur simultaneously
  • Counter reads to 99,999
  • Fail-safe reset

Ordering Information:

Length: 6 in. (15.2cm). Weight: 1 oz. (28.4g)

Last update : 15/05/2012
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